Energy-Efficient Electronics and Design Automation (E3DA) Lab News

We will organize the second “Design Automation for Power Electronics - DAPE” workshop on Saturday 6th of September 2019. The day after and in the same venue as IEEE ECCE Europe 2019 in Genova, Italy. The location is Centro Congressi at the Porto Antico di Genova. See more information at DAPE website.

Hourly Student Openings

We have an opening for a senior/master level student who are familar with webpage design, php/javascript, and linux usage to work on a website development for running our research tool PowerSynth as a service, starting from 2019 Fall. The student will be paid on a hourly basis, and will be considered for a research assistant position. Getting an A on Programming Paradigms is strongly preferred.
Another hourly position in thermal/stress modeling and layout optimization using phase-change materials is available at this time, starting from 2019 Fall. Experience in related fields is strong prefered, including circuit, thermal, and stress modeling and simulation. Students from electrical engineering, computer science and computer engineering or mechanical engineering are welcome to apply. Strong math/physics background including numerical analysis and simulation skill is a plus.
Depending on the skill sets and academic levels, all hourly students will be paid at $11-13 (undergrad) $14-16 (master) hourly rate based on the committed time. I can help with your reference letter for your future education applications. A good academic standing (GPA 3.4+) is required. Getting an A in related courses with interests in our research fields are strongly prefered. If there are mutual matching interests in the research projects, RA position is also an option.

POETS REU Openings

POETS is looking for undergraduate students with research interests in power electroincs to join our research teams at UIUC, UA, Stanford, and Howard University. Should a student be selected for the REU experience, they could go to either one of those top schools and conduct research during a 10-week time frame. All exciting opportunities, which will be supported financially with travel and living expenses. Students are also funded for attendance to the annual POETS meeting where they will get to present their research.
The POETS REU website gives interested students a good overview of what to expect from the POETS REU program. Several of our previous students are supported under this program. POETS is using the NSF REU portal to accept applications this year. The actual application materials will be uploaded and submitted through this page. As the POETS site explains, although the application deadline is February 15th, spots are limited and participants will be accepted on a rolling basis, so the sooner students apply, the better their chances are of being accepted.

Graduate RA Openings

A PH.D. GRA position in computer-aided design and analysis of multi-chip heterogenous 2.5D chiplet design is available at this time, starting from 2019/2020 Fall. A strong background in programming and algorithm designs is required. C/C++ programming and VHDL/Verilog design skills are also required. CAD/EDA software skills (From Cadence/Synopsys/Mentor Graphics, not from CAE areas such as AutoCAD), matlab/perl/python programming, digital/analog circuit design experience and VLSI physical design experience are strongly preferred.
A PH.D. GRA position in computer-aided design and machine learning modeling for power electronics is available at this time, starting from 2019 Fall. A strong background in programming and algorithm designs is required. Circuit design and simulations skills are also required. Power electronics design, packaging, and power system design and simulation experiences are strongly preferred. Familiar with linux usage, machine learning algorithms, nerual network frameworks is a plus.
All CSCE Ph.D RAs receive a standard monthly stipend of $1,720 (An annual stipend of $20,640) with a tuition waiver (Annual 15 credits * $512/$1168 for in-state/non resident) For exceptional outstanding applicants, I can recommend you for DDF and DAF fellowships from graduate school. They offer an additional annual stipend of $22,000 (DDF) and $12,000 (DAF) to cover your living expenses. For these fellowships, US citizens are preferred (international students may still apply for DAF) and an early application is required (By Jan for Fall applications, and by Sep for Spring applications) and the slots are filled very quickly. For more information about our program and financial assistance, refer to CSCE Graudate Academic Homepage and Graduate School Fellowship Webpage. Interested candidates please send me your CV and transcript for review, including your TOFEL and GRE scores as well. Make sure you have read our publications in related areas before you apply.